The 2018 Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival presented a look back at the highlights from two decades of showcasing films with a Bainbridge connection. From feature-length dramas to documentaries, comedy shorts, and experimental music videos, the films in the 2018 lineup represented the creativity, the hilarity, and the heart that have defined Celluloid from its very beginning.

The lineup of films was curated by Kathleen Thorne, the festival’s founder and mastermind, and TJ Faddis, former long-time manager of the Historic Lynwood Theatre.




This comedy-drama film was written and directed by Rob Burnett, based on the 2012 novel The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Bainbridge Island author Jonathan Evison, who will do a Q&A after the film. It stars Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, and Selena Gomez. A writer retires after a personal tragedy and becomes a disabled teen’s caregiver. When the two embark on an impromptu road trip, their ability to cope is tested as they start to understand the importance of hope and friendship.

The film had its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film. Evison’s novel was the Kitsap Regional Library’s 2015 “One Book, One Community” selection.

the retrospective lineup:

The Festival Retrospective will begin with a warm welcome at 10:30am on Sunday, November 18. The following schedule of screenings will commence at 10:35am (* denotes kid-friendly films). Admission is free all day long. Start times are approximate. Please come early, especially for short films.


Documentary. 17 minutes. A light-hearted look at the history of this island cultural institution. Plus: T.J. Faddis Threads the Last 35mm Film Projector at The Historic Lynwood Theatre. 2011. 3 minutes.

The Bainbridge Connection: Photographer, filmmaker, and graphic artist Steve Stolee has lived on Bainbridge Island since 1979 and is a regular at the Historic Lynwood Theatre. His documentary, Another Man’s Treasure, about the Bainbridge Rotary Auction, was last year’s festival headliner.


After Silence - 2002.jpg

Historical documentary. 30 minutes. In a photographic darkroom, Dr. Frank Kitamoto and five Bainbridge High School students process archival prints that bring to life the WWII eviction and incarceration of the Japanese Americans of Bainbridge Island. Viewed through the lens of 9/11, the video explores the dynamics and consequences of a similar time of fear in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

The Bainbridge Connection: Produced by Bainbridge Island documentary filmmaker Lois Shelton of Foxglove Films. Underwritten by the Bainbridge Island Historical Society and the Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program.


Documentary. 15 minutes. This is a brief look into some of the personalities and lifestyles of those who make their homes on boats in Eagle Harbor, along with their take on the cultural/political issues surrounding Bainbridge Island liveaboards.

The Bainbridge Connection: This was a thesis project by Amelia Sericova for the U.W. American Indian Studies film department. Amelia lived aboard on Eagle Harbor for two years, met her husband (and fellow liveaboard) on the water, and had their first child here. She and her family now live in Belgium.

11:50am - ONE WITH THE WORK (2006)

Documentary. 7 minutes. Dave Ullin was a Bainbridge Island woodworker, liveaboard, and philosopher who passed away in 2017. This short portrait gives voice to the ideas of a remarkable community steward.

The Bainbridge Connection: Filmmaker Noah Dassel studied film and video production at the Evergreen State College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. One with the Work was an Independent Study Senior year project and was produced by IslandWood Media with assistance from Katie Jennings.


Documentary. 13 minutes. A retrospective of Bainbridge Island’s longest running poetry reading (over twenty years – no one can really remember when it started) that takes place each spring at the San Carlos Restaurant.

The Bainbridge Connection: Filmmaker Karen Perry, who passed away in 2012, lived on Bainbridge and loved to play with video. She was also a poet, organizer of the annual San Carlos Poetry Reading, and co-literary editor of Exhibition magazine.


Jewel Fraser Clearwater and her cab

Jewel Fraser Clearwater and her cab

Historical slideshow. 22 minutes.  A photo journal of Bainbridge Island people and places taken on the road by then Bainbridge Taxi driver Jewel Clearwater between 1997 and 2006.

The Bainbridge Connection: Jewel Fraser Clearwater lived on Bainbridge for eleven years. She also assisted Amelia Sericova with the filming of Eagle Harbor Liveaboards. In 2007, she moved to an artist community in southern Arizona where she worked as a photographer for nine years. She is currently living back in New England with her family.

12:40pm - BOB (1998)

5 minutes. An experimental video of music and random images.

The Bainbridge Connection: Produced by B.I. sculpture, ceramic, and glass artist Bob Lucas, Bob features an original soundtrack by Bainbridge Island musician Don Clifton.


Return of the Plankton - 2004. Photo by Karen Perry.jpg

Documentary. 30 minutes. Return of the Plankton follows two scuba divers on an incredible journey through the underwater world that surrounds Bainbridge Island.

The Bainbridge Connection: The series is produced by Bainbridge Island artist Cameron Snow with underwater videographer John F. Williams and science advisor (and BHS teacher) Bruce Claiborne.

1:25pm - PLASTIC IS FOREVER* (2010)

Documentary. 12 minutes. Bainbridge Island families collect plastic refuse washed up on the beach at Point No Point, contemplate its impact on the marine environment, and turn it into artwork with the message: Rethink Plastics.

The Bainbridge Connection: Plastic is Forever features Finn Clark, Ava Rockefeller Campbell, Autumn Schmidt, Cleo Clark-Athans, Mira Rockefeller Campbell, and their parents. Plastic is Forever is a project of the Bainbridge Island Watershed Council.

1:40pm - NATURAL GIFTS* (2015)

Documentary. 3 minutes. An ancient story about nature, symbiosis, avatars, and the power of working together, told by Joe Ives of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe.

The Bainbridge Connection: Filmed by Bainbridge Island photographer Keith Brofsky. Produced and edited by local mask designer and carver Craig Jacobrown.  


Student film. 4 minutes.  Stop-action animation video of the various natural disasters that befall a small town.  Car Ballet offers a possible solution to the downtown Winslow parking problem.

The Bainbridge Connection: Sean Fraga was a Hyla Middle School student living on Bainbridge Island when he made these films in the late 90s. He used stop-action animation, with the camera recording a split second of a scene, then the items are moved slightly and the camera records another split second, giving the illusion of movement. Sean is currently a PH.D. candidate in History at Princeton University.

1:55pm - BASIL GOES TO TOWN* (2005)

Documentary. 2 minutes. Downtown Winslow through a dog’s eyes.

The Bainbridge Connection: By Kathleen Thorne and Bill Branley for a BITV class.

2:00pm - BBC PLANE CRASH (1999)  

Archival footage. 3 minutes. BBC newscast footage of the Oct. 1, 1999 plane crash on Bainbridge Island involving the Tomorrow's World television crew, filmed by a camera mounted on the plane. You are there, keeping a stiff upper lip with the BBC crew as they plummet into the trees.

The Bainbridge Connection: It happened here, but made bigger news in England.

2:05pm - HERO (2002)

Short Feature. 7 minutes. This short feature combines two classic youth experiences – working the night shift at a grocery store and a first kiss – with a suspenseful espionage story.

The Bainbridge Connection: Written and directed by Bainbridge High School 2001 graduate Ned Thorne, then a student at Whitman College, and now a film editor in Hollywood.


Documentary. 75 minutes. This documentary, which originally aired as a PBS Point of View program in 2002, explores the cultural and economic issues behind the Suquamish Tribe's annual Fourth of July fireworks sale. 

The Bainbridge Connection: Filmmaker Bryan Gunnar Cole grew up on Bainbridge Island and now divides his time between Bainbridge Island and New York.

3:35pm - ROSA: THESE STORMS (2015)

Documentary. 11 minutes. Rosa, a young Mayan woman, sits alone. She stares directly into the camera and for the first time has the courage to share her story. She has wrestled with rejection, forgiveness, and the fight to keep her child alive. Now 27, she must overcome her past to follow the dreams she once thought impossible.

The Bainbridge Connection: Rosa was produced by Living on One, a nonprofit that makes films on important global issues. Living on One filmmaker and co-founder Zach Ingrasci grew up on Bainbridge Island.

3:45pm - RUN AWAY (2015)

4 minutes. The death of a relationship told through dance.

The Bainbridge Connection: Garrett Gibbons attended Kindergarten through 12th grade in the Bainbridge School District and recently returned to the island to raise his own family. Run Away was filmed in the old concrete power generator building at Blakely Harbor.


Honor & Sacrifice - 2012.jpg

Documentary. 28 minutes. Honor & Sacrifice tells the complex story of a Japanese immigrant family ripped apart by WWII. The Matsumoto family included five sons: two who fought for the Americans and three who fought for the Japanese. The eldest, Hiroshi (Roy), became a hero, fighting against the Japanese with Merrill’s Marauders, an American guerrilla unit in Burma. He was born near Los Angeles, educated in Japan, and became a hero when he used his Japanese language skills and military training to save his surrounded, starving battalion deep in the Burmese jungle. At the same time his parents and sisters were living in their family’s ancestral home, Hiroshima. The story is told by Roy’s daughter Karen Matsumoto, who lives on Bainbridge Island, as she discovers her father’s work in military intelligence, kept secret for 50 years.

The Bainbridge Connection: Filmmakers Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers (Stourwater Pictures) live and work on Bainbridge Island. Many of their award-winning documentaries relating to Bainbridge Island history have been shown at past Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festivals.

4:30pm - 2000 MAN (2001)

Music Video. 7 minutes. A humorous look at a guy (played by local artist J.EZ) caught in a modern-day bind: he knows he needs to be "sensitive and such," but he's clueless about what that means.

The Bainbridge Connection: John Estes is a Northwest videographer and pseudo musician emphasizing, originality, visual arts, and social commentary in the available time between dropping off his growing kids at their respective events. You may see him at stoplights on Bainbridge Island, pitching his brilliant new films to himself and eagerly awaiting the green light — like any true low budget filmmaker! He is also the co-founder of DaVinci Physical Therapy, with offices on Bainbridge Island and in Poulsbo. 2000 Man was filmed behind the Quay Apartments and at Waterfront Park.

4:40pm - FATHER JOHN & JANITOR PETE (2004)

Short feature. 10 minutes. This short epic follows an unlikely trio – a priest, a janitor, and a mop - on an equally unlikely journey. It was produced for the One Reel Film Festival at Bumbershoot 2004.

The Bainbridge Connection. Made by local filmmakers Mark McKnight and Johnny Seattle, the film stars Tim Davidson and Larry Gryzwa, and features music by Chris Brunton and Paundy (Andy Miller and Paul Burback).


Gefilte Fish Chronicles - 2007.jpg

Documentary. 56 minutes. In April of 2004, the descendants of Abe and Minnie Dubroff celebrated their 100th Passover in the U.S., documented in loving and humorous detail. Tap your toes to an irresistible klezmer soundtrack as “Pesach Machers” Sophie, Peppy, and Rosie lead a six-week preparation process culminating in a seder that’s a lot like seders worldwide — only way bigger. The film had its world premiere at the Mellon Financial Denver Jewish Film Festival. Cookbooks available!

The Bainbridge Connection: The Dubroff clan is represented on Bainbridge by Jeff Groman, who helped with the filming and art direction of the project. He is the former owner of Classic Cycle on Winslow Way.

5:55pm - OPENING DAY (2004)

Bob Burkholder (left) and Bob Cederwall (both now deceased) in  Opening Day

Bob Burkholder (left) and Bob Cederwall (both now deceased) in Opening Day

Short feature. 22 minutes. The story of an old man coming to grips with age and losing the ability to do the things he loves.

The Bainbridge Connection: U.W. Cinema Studies graduate Taylor Guterson adapted a short story by his father, David Guterson, with the assistance of his cousin, Gillon Crichton.  Opening Day stars Bob Burkholder, Bob Cederwall, and Travis Guterson.

6:20pm - SHUFFLE (2010)

Shuffle - 2010.jpg

Narrative Short. 17 minutes. A hitman with a change of heart must play one last hand of poker with the mob boss who raised him. Denis Arndt (Basic Instinct), Aron Michael Thompson, and Brent David Fraser (Wild at Heart) star in this powerful drama about the challenges faced when trying to break free from the corrupting chains that bind the vulnerable to their unfortunate upbringing. Shuffle appeared in the Seattle International Film Festival, LA Shorts Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, and Tacoma Film Festival, where it won the Best Regional Film Award. Contains violence.

The Bainbridge Connection. Shuffle’s crew includes Garrett Bennett (Director), Mark McKnight (Director of Photography), and Quinn Rudee (Producer), all with Bainbridge Island ties. Writer/Actor Aron Michael Thompson is also a former Bainbridge resident.

6:50pm - THE BIRTH OF A SALESMAN (1976)

Birth of a Salesman - 1976.jpg

6 minutes. You'll never feel the same about toothbrushes again. Herman and his indomitable spirit wowed 'em all over in the late 70's. This film enjoyed a fruitful career as a theatrical short and at sales and dental conventions. It was a winner in the 1977 Northwest Film & Video Festival, in which it played at the Harvard Exit.  It went on to surprise audiences at film festivals around the country and was rejected by some of the nation's finer movie houses. Not recommended for young children; contains scatological humor.

The Bainbridge Connection: Produced and directed by Bainbridge Islander Scott Taylor and filmed at Fort Ward and the old Walt’s Lynwood Market, Birth of a Salesman features several Bainbridge Island actors who prefer to remain anonymous. Music by Ron Kozak.

7pm - OUTSOURCED (2006)

Outsourced  - 2010.jpg

Feature. 103 minutes. Outsourced is a comedy of cross-cultural conflict and romance. Todd Anderson (Josh Hamilton) spends his days managing a customer call center in Seattle until his job, along with those of the entire office, are outsourced to India. Adding insult to injury, Todd must travel to India to train his new replacement. As he navigates through the chaos of Bombay and an office paralyzed by constant cultural misunderstandings, Todd yearns to return to the comforts of home. But it is through his team of quirky yet likable Indian call center workers, including his friendly and motivated replacement, Puro (Asif Basra), and the charming, opinionated Asha (Ayesha Dharker), that Todd realizes that he too has a lot to learn - not only about India and America, but about himself. He soon discovers that being outsourced may be the best thing that ever happened to him.

The Bainbridge Connection: Director/Co-writer John Jeffcoat spent a few of his formative years on Bainbridge, where he worked at Village Video on Winslow Green. Outsourced was edited by Brian Berdan, who lives with his family on Bainbridge. Former Bainbridge Island actor Matt Smith is featured in Outsourced as “Dave," the heartless boss who sets the film in motion.