Five Days to Celluloid 2016!

It’s almost here, and we’re beyond excited to share an incredible weekend of film & workshops with you.

See the Schedule

In case you missed it, our full schedule of events is live on our website at where you’ll find details about our:

Buy Your Tickets

Be sure to get your VIP, Featured Screening, or Sunday-only tickets in advance at

Attend our Free Saturday Workshops

Remember, our Saturday workshops & panel are completely free to attend and take place at Rolling Bay Hall. From “Writing for a Visual Medium” with Liz Ellis to Acting for the Camera with Chris Soldevilla to panel discussion: “Crafting the Story in Documentary” with our guests, the Seattle Documentary Association. Seats are first-come, first-serve so get there early. Details at

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In the News

We’re making the rounds. You might find our posters & postcards up around town, or have heard one of our podcasts recorded at Bainbridge Community Broadcasting. Take a look!
Podcast #1: An All New Celluloid
Podcast #2: Curating Film for a Festival (with the Celluloid Selection Committee)
Podcast #3: Meet the Filmmakers (with Courtney Jones & Katie Jennings)

Bainbridge Review Article: Film Festival Returns with a Sundry of All Things Cinematic by Luciano Marano (attached)
Kitsap Sun Article: "Celluloid Bainbridge Grows Up" by Michael Moore

We’re looking forward to hosting our guests, our attending filmmakers, and our sponsors at the 18th annual Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival.

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Tickets & Event Schedule Now Available

Less than a month until November 5th when we kick off the 2016 Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival.

Tickets are now available for pre-sale, and our entire schedule of events and film screenings is up on our website at where you’ll also find details about getting to the venues.

The new online program now includes:
- Details & Pricing for Tickets
- Information about our Free Saturday Workshops
- How to get to the different venues with maps, parking, & information on our free shuttles (provided by Clearwater Casino).
- The full lineup of films scheduled for Sunday including start times, runtimes, descriptions, posters, and trailers.
- Specifics about our Opening Night Party & Featured Screening
    - There was a bit of confusion when we announced the opening night films, where some thought the event began at 8 AM. The opening night featured screening begins at 7:30 PM and the first short film being screened is actually titled “8:AM” and formatted as such.

We’re very excited to host some incredible films and the people who made them. We’re equally as excited to host an incredible audience. Join that audience by purchasing your tickets online at

Official Selections for Celluloid 2016

The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival is proud to announce our lineup of films for the 2016 festival on November 5th & 6th. The list of films below represents some of the incredible work being made on Bainbridge Island and around the Pacific Northwest.

We'll be publishing our entire festival schedule, including details about our free Saturday workshops & panels, and how to purchase tickets in the coming days.




7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

"8:AM" - Emily Pando

Pilchuck, A Dance with Fire - John Forsen



10 AM - 9 PM


Dear - Laura Malatos

A Grand Forest - Bentley Eldridge

Metamorphosis - HYLA 8th Grade Students

Remember - HYLA 8th Grade Students

Scrambled - BHS Students



Wood Witch: The Awakening - Courtney Jones



The Bridge - Marta Masferrer

Cowboy Up - Rich Deline

Local Treasure - Christy X

Majesty: Outside the Frame - Robin Sarmento

Owen's Playground - Barry Peters & BCB



Community Vigil at Japanese Exclusion Memorial - John McKenzie

FESTIVAL! - Keith Brofsky

Natural Gifts - Keith Brofsky & Craig Jacobrown

Huchoosedah: Traditions of the Heart - Katie Jennings



Paralytic - Joey Johnson



Of Foley and Men - Isaiah Corey

Life Socks - Liz Ellis & Matt Longmire

One Step Too Far - Ben M.F. Rapson

The Perfect Pieces - Krk Nordenstrom

LOST - Michael Chen



The Adventures of Tracy & Felt - Elizabeth Schiffler

The Bhama Show - Bhama Roget

Cookus Interruptus - Cynthia Lair

Verde Noir - Greg Brotherton



Cab Elvis - Andrew Franks

God's In The Garage - Kendall Rock

Ironing Board Sam's Return - Tom Ciaburri



Bombing - Gloria Mercer

Oh, I Get It - Danny Tayara & Sara McCaslin

Looking for Lenny - Elan Gale


We ask that selected filmmakers fill out our RSVP form as soon as possible to help us market your film.

If your film was not selected to play at this year's festival, please know that your work was thoroughly considered and we were honored to review it.

Gem Seddon joins Celluloid Selection Committee

The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival is excited to welcome Gem Seddon to the official film selection committee for the 2016 season.

Gem is a freelance film journalist and social media marketer from England who now resides in Bainbridge Island.

She holds a BA in Film Studies, and even managed to further explore her love of cinema by focusing her Library Science Masters dissertation on the information content found in popular films.

In her hometown she spent several years working for a film production company, taking side jobs at her local cinema and video stores to help fund her Masters. In just her first year in the Pacific Northwest, she worked with Northwest Film Forum in Seattle to catalogue their 16MM and 35MM film vault.

She's written for several print and online entertainment outlets including Total Film, Inverse, We Got This Covered, and Mental Floss and currently covers the latest movie and TV news for GamesRadar+.

Gem's qualifications and experience in film are exactly what is needed to curate the highest level of quality when it comes to selecting what will screen at this year's festival.

Welcome aboard Gem.

Only 48 Hours Left in our Regular Deadline

Time is running out to submit your film for the 2016 Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival!

Our "Regular" submission period ends in just two days on August 31st, which means we're getting closer and closer to this year's festival in November.

We'll still be accepting films through the month of September as a "Last Chance" submission period. However, it's always recommended to get your films in early to make sure you don't miss the deadline AND after this month, the submission fee increases for this final deadline. Films will not be accepted after the final deadline.

So don't wait! Submit your film, documentary, short, web series, music video, or student film today at

If you're involved in a local business and are interested in sponsoring this year's fest through on-screen advertising, spots are limited so email us today or visit for a list of sponsorship options. Custom packages can also be created based on your business' needs.

Panels & Workshops
We're also in the process of arranging a series of free panels and workshops to benefit attending filmmakers and Celluloid would love to hear what you'd like to learn. Send us a quick reply to this email if with your idea for a workshop or panel discussion.

Celluloid on BCB!
Festival Director, Matt Longmire, sat down with Barry Peters over at Bainbridge Community Broadcasting to record an episode of "What's Up Bainbridge?" to talk about all things Celluloid. This 15-minute episode is a great run down of what's exciting about this year's festival and what you can expect in November.

Take a listen and keep an ear out for more episodes in the future on the BCB Podcast.

SeaDocs & DocForest
Each year, SeaDocs (or the Seattle Documentary Association) puts on an incredible event called "DocForest" where a group of around 20-30 documentary filmmakers spend a weekend camping, sharing projects their working on, attending campfire-side lectures, and networking with potential collaborators.

This year, DocForest runs September 16th-18th and a few tickets are still available at

We're proud to partner with SeaDocs at this year's Celluloid through a documentary panel discussion at the festival. Details to be announced at a later date.

More news to come as we prepare for Celluloid 2016!

The Celluloid Film Festival on "What's Up Bainbridge?"

Festival Director, Matt Longmire, sat down with Barry Peters over at Bainbridge Community Broadcasting to talk about all things Celluloid in a new episode of "What's Up Bainbridge?"

The 15 minute episode covers almost everything you'd want to know about what Matt and Arts & Humanities Bainbridge have planned for this year's new upgraded Film Festival.

Listen here:

and then take a look at what's going on over at BCB and get ready for more episodes featuring details about this year's Celluloid in this fantastic local podcast.

Pernell Tyus joins Celluloid Selection Committee

The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival is proud to announce that Pernell Tyus is joining this year’s festival selection committee.

Bainbridge Islander and Hollywood veteran, Pernell Tyus has a long and experienced career in film & television as a cinematographer

Born in Alabama and raised in Michigan, Pernell and his wife Beatrice journeyed to New York City where he worked as a still photographer. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1973, Pernell began a career in film and television spanning over 30 years. Starting as a camera assistant and operator, he ultimately worked as a lead cinematographer.

“The film industry is extremely diverse,” said Pernell. “You never know what the next opportunity will bring, or what incredible artist will be on the other side of your lens."

Pernell's wide-ranging work includes the films Star Trek "Generations" with Patrick Stewart, Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling with Richard Pryor, and Internal Affairs with Richard Gere.

In 1986 he worked in the Pacific Northwest on Starman, the T.V. series, and later on a personal favorite, Overboard with Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, and Bainbridge Island resident Frank Buxton. Pernell and Beatrice moved to Bainbridge in 2005, choosing to slow down, and give back to a community that supports the arts.

Celluloid is proud to have Pernell’s help in choosing this year’s selection of films which will be announced in October.

The 48 Hour Film Project at Celluloid Bainbridge 2016

The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival is proud to announce that the winning film of this year’s Seattle 48 Hour Film Project will be presented at the 2016 festival on November 6th on Bainbridge Island.

Just a ferry ride away from downtown Seattle, Celluloid Bainbridge is an annual festival celebrating great works of film from Bainbridge Island, Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest.

The 48 Hour Film Project, now in its twelfth year, is a fast-paced and exciting event where hundreds of filmmakers in Seattle create incredible short films in just one weekend.

These shorts are written, filmed, & edited in less than 48 hours after teams of filmmakers are randomly assigned certain criteria such as the genre of the movie they have to make, a character they need to include, as well as a prop & line of dialogue. All of which must be worked into a 4-7 minute short film and turned in for judging in less than 48 hours to qualify. Films are then judged by professionals and peers to choose winners for a list of categories including “Best of Seattle.”  

The films made each year are staggeringly impressive, and Celluloid is happy to offer placement of this year’s winning film.

Photo by Tristan Wheelock

Photo by Tristan Wheelock

"Life Socks" - Seattle 48 Hour Film Project 2015 (Filmed on Bainbridge Island & Featuring Ted Dowling)

"Life Socks" - Seattle 48 Hour Film Project 2015 (Filmed on Bainbridge Island & Featuring Ted Dowling)

CBFF will also offer a 30% discount on submission fees for all other Seattle 48 Hour Films made during the event. Use the code: SEA48HFP when submitting your film via

This year’s 48 Hour Film Project, produced by Krk Nordenstrom, runs July 15th-17th, and filmmakers can still sign up to compete at

Building the Bainbridge Connection

For many years, Celluloid Bainbridge has featured films that held some connection to Bainbridge Island. This annual showcase maintained that every film shown had at least one local person involved in some way. This idea was incredible and a perfect way to feature movies that were near & dear to our Island.

Over time, the festival has grown into something much bigger. From its beginnings as part of the Art Walk to a multi-day film festival, Celluloid became what it’s been for the last few years. As the festival became larger, finding new local content from a relatively small film community has become more and more of a challenge.

This year, the Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival is building on that Bainbridge connection by inviting films & filmmakers from the Pacific Northwest to join us in celebrating the incredible work being done in this corner of the country. Films & filmmakers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and even British Columbia are welcome to submit their films for consideration and on November 6th, Bainbridge Island will have the chance to see the best of them at the historic Lynwood Theater.

Festival attendees should expect to see something beautiful, touching, exciting, or hilarious no matter what time of day they choose to sit in the audience. The goal of Celluloid is to build a reputation for presenting quality films that truly entertain or educate our local community.

Submissions are open June 1st - September 30th at


Photo by Matt Longmire

The All New Celluloid Film Festival

It's hard to believe that Celluloid is getting ready to host its 18th festival. For seventeen years, the Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival has been a staple of the film community on the Island.

The goal of the festival has always been to showcase local filmmakers. In order to be included, all films must have a Bainbridge Island connection such as being made locally, by Bainbridge filmmakers, or include someone from the Island in the cast or crew.

In an age where film & media grow more rapidly than most are even aware, festivals have to grow alongside to ensure they feature the highest quality content for their attendees and the best possible experience for their featured filmmakers.

This year, Celluloid spreads its wings under new Festival Director, Matt Longmire and grows its boundaries to include the incredible work that surrounds our Island home featuring filmmakers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Films from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, & British Columbia will be eligible for submission and possible inclusion in this year’s festival lineup.

Matt Longmire is a Bainbridge Island filmmaker and founder of the Bainbridge Island Filmmakers Group as well as Co-Founder of Seattle Web Fest, Seattle's own web series-based film festival, now going into its third year.

Both behind the scenes and on the screen, Celluloid 2016 will be an entirely new experience for fans and filmmakers alike.

  • Screenings will now be in High Definition and be selected by a group of professionals in the film industry who also happen to be local to the Island.

  • New categories for films will include Web Series, Student Film, & Music Video.

  • Each category will now receive a “Best of” award as well as several other juried awards.

  • Films will now be submitted directly through FilmFreeway in digital format only.

You can learn more about the all new Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival, taking place November 5th and 6th at the Historic Lynwood Theater, by keeping up with the festival on its new Facebook Page or Contacting Matt Longmire directly.