the historic lynwood theatre


Housed in a Tudor style building, the Historic Lynwood Theatre specializes in foreign, classic, and indie films.

Edna & Emanuel Olson, a hard-working couple who lived in the tudor-style house on the hill overlooking Lynwood Theatre, built the structure known as Lynwood Center and opened the Island’s first “talking picture” theatre. At the time, a number of silent screen houses dotted the Island; most notable was, perhaps, Port Blakely’s "Please U Theatre." The Lynwood Theatre opened with much fanfare on July 3, 1936 with the musical comedies Times Square Playboy and She Couldn’t Take It with George Raft and Billie Burke.

In the early 1950′s, the Olsons sold the business to nephew Glenn Nolta and his wife Lucille, who ran the theatre until 1982. 1994 brought improvements to the old theatre, including a new art deco-style concessions stand, an enlarged lobby, and new auditorium seats. In 1997, new projectors replaced the old Sears Motiographs which had been solidly reliable for 50 years, and a new screen now makes images cleaner and brighter than ever.

The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival has called the Historic Lynwood Theatre home since 2001.